Our Aims

buy Misoprostol without rx MCSI shares the same aims as our parent school in the UK, a day school founded in 1480, situated in the heart of Oxford, and enjoying close relations with the university there. It is a selective school for pupils aged 7-18.

http://bayalumni.com/category/video/ The school seeks to provide education that is a preparation, in the broadest sense, for life.

source link Our aims may be summarized as follows:

  • Intellectual and academic excellence, both in and beyond public exams.
  • Outstanding extra-curricular activities, which both in quantity and quality lastingly develop personality, achievement and skills.
  • A tolerant, humane and socially cohesive environment, promoted by a high quality pastoral system which nurtures the individual, and makes him/her responsive not only to his/her peers, but also, lastingly, to the wider world.

Next Steps...

If you would like to learn more about what we can offer your son or daughter please contact us for further information.